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Annual Meeting of the German Section in Berlin –
24. oct. – 26. oct. 2003

The meeting started with a joint dinner in the conference Hotel preceded by a cocktail hour to allow for time to assemble.
Our Dinner Speaker was Prof. Dr. Hans Hollander, the foremost authority on collectors cabinets as they were common in the 16 – 18 Century.

The lectures and papers were presented to a large audience in the auditorium of the Museum of Applied Arts.

Prof. Dr. Hollander presented audio-visually the background and the details of the Exhibition titled “Schadows Schachklub” (see below).

Following this Dr. Thomas Thomsen, President of Chess Collectors International showed slides and presented the individual chess sets in the Exhibition.

IGM Lothar Schmid followed with a paper presenting graphic Art with chess themes corresponding to the period of Schadows Schachklub.

Further talks about the planned activities and discussions followed. It was decided to hold the next “German” meeting in Selb, the famous porcelain-city.

For 2004 the international meeting is planned for Madrid, Spain, contingent on the ability to organize pertinent exhibitions.

Finally in the year 2005 the Hamburg Chess Club celebrates its 175th anniversary and a large exhibition is in preparation.

The highlight of the meeting was the visit to the Exhibition “Schadows Schachklub” in the Art Library located in the same building. Schadow, a well known sculptor, was a founding member of the club whose history is the main subject of the exhibition. A well researched and well illustrated catalogue is available.

In the afternoon we had a wonderful and long cocktail party during which antique chess sets, modern mammoth task sets, paintings and a calligraphic interpretation of a chess match, were presented.

This was followed by a joint dinner.

The next morning a visit to the Pergamon Museum gave us the opportunity to see the various Islamic chess pieces of the 10 – 11 Century.

We said good bye to our friends after a simple lunch.

Thomas Thomsen



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