Full Members

When joining the association, an entry fee of EUR 30 is to be paid.

The annual regular membership fee is EUR 65. Students and pensioners are offered a reduced fee of EUR 45. (valid evidence documents required)

The annual membership fee is to be paid in full, regardless of the date the member joines the association in the course of the current year.

The membership fee is due a) at the end of the month of entrence, b) otherwise until March 31st in the current year. The fee can be wired to the club’s account free of charge and, direct debit authorization is welcome.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are exempt from payment. However, you are entitled to support the association with donations.

Berlin, January 11th, 2001
signed m. p.

Thomas Thomsen
Lothar Schmid
Alfred Kinzel
Siegfried Augustat
Ekkehard Freise
Arno Nickel
Isaak Linder
Wolfgang Hempel
Hans Holländer
Hans-Christian Wohlfarth
Ulrich Sieg
Edith Keller Herrmann
Wolfgang Unzicker
Andre Lilienthal
Paul Werner Wagner
Egbert Meissenburg

geändert entsprechend der Verabschiedung der neuen Beitragsordnung auf der Mitgliederversammlung vom 11. Januar 2009.