A new layout of our homepage – now available in English and German, including “Lizzy’s chess corner”.

Perfectly on time with our publication of the second volume of the Emanuel Lasker Triology, we are proud to present our newly arranged homepage.

This billingual service should enable our non-german speaking chess friends to follow and support our activities.

A special gift was presented to us by Germany’s leading female chess player Elisabeth Paehtz, who will provide readers with exclusive commentary via video clips in her chess corner on our homepage. Her main focus will be based on games of current wunderkinder and leading women chess players.

We wish everybody around the globe a lot of fun and joy with our homepage.

Elisabeth Paehtz war 2002 Jugendweltmeisterin sowie 2005 Juniorenweltmeisterin.
(Foto: Sascha Fromm / Thueringer Allgemeine)